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April - July 2022

Finished off outstanding scenes for the doco feature,
" The Silent World of Barry Priori". 
Directed by Anne Tsoulis and
produced by Alison Wotherspoon.
A release date is imminent.

On the weekends, I am enjoying filming and  live streaming all sorts of sports, namely the NPL mens and womens soccer.
January - March 2022

A busy start to the year with numerous projects happening. Namely, more S.A. Museum videos and filming Raymond Crowe's "Unusualism" show during the Adelaide Fringe festival.
As well as finishing off a few pick ups for a feature film.
July 2021 -  Dec. 2021

Recently, I  fulfilled a variety of camera roles for a few projects in and around Adelaide.
Namely, stepping in for a few days on the TV series, "A Second Chance"
and the ABC doco, "Tiny Oz". 
Then found myself filming for "Living Stories", which took me to Perth for a medical research production.
This was followed up by more projects with a variety of clients. 
June 2021

SA Museum

I shot, edited & produced two videos to compliment their present exhibitions.
It was terrific to work in such an amazing environment with all the incredible artifacts on show. 

I also filmed the Museum's 165th Birthday celebrations, recording the exciting thrills young and old have had in the museum, over the many years. 
Agent Creative in Melbourne
They needed to do a live stream interview between Artists in Adelaide, S.A. and Melbourne, Victoria.
I was the D.P., cam op, sound recordist and gaffer.
We had Comedian Kehau Jackson in our Adelaide Studio,
(Magician - Raymond Crowe's
"Wonder Emporium"),
whilst Comedian,  Ivan Aristeguieta was in Melbourne.
We utilised a Sony FX 9 camera, with my studio lights and audio equipment.
The final product will be part of the Victorian Seniors Festival -
"Artists in Conversation".
Kehau Jackson AA.jpg
Raymond Crowe - Unusualist

While in the Wonder Emporium,
Ray and I shot his recent online promotion for hand cut silhouettes.
Always a joy to work with Ray, but best check your pockets before departing. 😀
Ray Silo AA.jpg
April 2021

Filmed the "Naughty Hands" live fringe show for the feature film,
" The Silent World of Barry Priori",
produced by
Shining Catalina Productions; 
Anne Tsoulis and Alison Wotherspoon.
We shot with cameras; Sony FS7, Sony A7s & GoPro Hero 6.
Barry Priori, "Adelaide's funniest deaf guy", is back by popular demand. 
The whole show was done in Auslan hand language, with a vocal translater.
It was rather rude, but such a hoot.
The audience loved it !!
January - March 2021

Was the Director of Photography,
camera op and sound recordist on a wild life documentary for an American network.  We had locations in Tasmania, Queensland and outback NSW.
Using a variety of cameras, drones, planes and boats to get some extraordinary shots. Sometimes in quite dangerous situations....
More can be revealed, once it is released.
Thai Cave Rescue interviews  (3AA).jpg
September   2020

Another follow up interview, this time with
Dr. Fiona Harris, for the Thai cave rescue feature documentary, "The Rescue".
 We reset the studio with our special background and lighting effects.
This was a fascinating project.  
See "August 2020" below for more details.
Rod at camera 2 (6).JPG
It was a busy week with a short film shooting in "The Void", at Flinders University. This is their motion capture studio, where we created a virtual world and virtual characters, who interact with live performers. This involved the Media Studies, Drama and V R FX departments.Great fun and it opens up so many possibilities.  
John & Mary short virtual film 1.jpg
John & Mary short virtual film 2.jpg
August 2020

I was recently thrilled to be asked to be Director of Photography on a US feature documentary, "The Rescue",  about the Thai cave rescue of twelve young boys and their soccer coach. 
We interviewed Dr. Richard Harris, the anaesthetist and cave diver,
who led the rescue plan.

We used two Sony Venice cameras, shooting 6K.  With the help of incredible tech heads,
using a Q Take unit and video teleprompter set up
, we had the Oscar winning Director, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, ("Free Solo"), directing from America, chatting with Richard.
And we also had producers in London and Singapore watching on, as we shot this live.

A most intimate, moving interview,
amoungst all the technology.
We were all in the presence of a true,
real time hero !
Rod with Sony Venice cameras, crop.jpg
On a smaller scale,
Magician, Raymond Crowe called me in to film some of his new 'unusualist' projects.   
Ray was recently bestowed, 
"The Performing Fellowship Award" from The Academy of Magical Arts -
The Magic Castle, Hollywood !
May 2020
Recently shot a little video for the
SA Bushfire Appeal charity.
Using a Blackmagic 6K camera, with the
DJI Ronin-S gimbal.
The camera and lights were very generously supplied by Pete Hall at 
"Urban Cine", Adelaide, S.A. 
Donations can be made here: 
March 2020
Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all film productions planned this year have been shut down until further notice.
This means no job and no income for the forseeable future.
As a freelancer, these are tough times indeed. 
However, the self isolation in the home office is giving me precious time to update my website, reels and cvs etc.
And sort out all my film gear and "stuff".
Bring on a virus free world asap !!
Stay safe everyone ! 
July / August 2019
Working on ABC / Matchbox PIctures TV series, 
"First Day"
Shooting 2nd camera and additional
unit photography. 
July 2019 
S.A. Tourism, "Old Mate" TVC. Shot the aerials for this ad using Inspire 2 with X5s camera. Lovely sunrise over the wineries, up in the Adelaide Hills. Then down south to Hobart Lookout and Deep Creek.
January 2019
Shot aerial backplates for high end Japanese TVC up in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
Used Inspire 2 drone, with X5S camera, shooting RAW. It survived the 47C ,
(117 F) temperature in the shade -
there was no shade !!
November 2018
Was 2nd camera operator on docudrama, "Dark Blue", produced by Piper Films, directed and
shot by Corey Piper.
Fascinating and brutal look at the reality of police force trauma.
May 2018
Have added the 4k GoPro Hero 6 camera, with underwater housing, to my equipment list.
Ready for action aerials, stunts, drama and underwater shots. 
April 2018
Worked on TV drama, "Pine Gap", as additional camera operator, utilising the full 4k cameras; Canon C 700
and C 300 Mk II.
Once again working with the amazing Geoff Hall ACS camera team and director Mat King.
November 2017
Just completed a few days as B camera operator on feature film, "The Flipside", starring Eddie Izzard and Vanessa Guide. Directed by Marion Pilowski and shot by Steve Arnold ACS.
What a great team and a most pleasurable shoot.
Here comes the recent trailer for Wolf Creek 2017 TV series. A little scene I shot on 2nd Unit on our way into the outback............  
get on the bus and enjoy the ride !!!
August 2017
Shooting additional Unit and 3rd camera on feature film,  "Storm Boy". An updated revisit to the original family favourite.
We spent much time down at the Coorong amongst the birds, and the wet and wild weather !! All in all though, a terrific shoot.
Utilising Alexa Minis and XT. 
July - August  2017
Wolf Creek TV series,
Season Two, is in full swing and we are having a good old time back in the dusty and bloodied outback desert.
Greg Mclean, Keiran Darcy- Smith and Geoff Bennett are directing. With awarding winning Geoff Hall ACS back again as the Director of Photography. 
I am camera operator and 2nd Unit D.P. 
To compliment the beautiful visuals & action, I bought an Easyrig Vario 5. This camera support system really lends itself to this fast and furious show.  

© Copyright 2019 by  Bolton Films

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