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Rodney Bolton

With more than thirty years experience in the film and television industry,
Rodney has enjoyed an adventurous career from the 35mm film days
into the wonderous
 world of digital capture.
No matter what the tools, we are still painting with light.
He has continually proven to be the ultimate all-rounder in the studio and on location.

Rod has won numerous ACS cinematography awards for feature, tv commercials
and short film projects. 
He is also a very accomplished camera operator, who also shoots and directs 2nd Unit.
He owns and operates an EasyRig Vario 5, the camera support system.
Rod brings to the set a wealth of knowledge and immense experience
to enhance any project. 
He approaches each assignment with the work ethic to get the job done 
effectively, efficiently and economically.
He is known for his good humour, relaxed and no stress attitude.
Rodney has worked on numerous drama productions all over Australia in a variety of genres.
amely; in Sydney: Farscape, Murder Call, BlackJack TV series.
In Adelaide: Wolf Creek TV seasons 1 & 2, TV series - McLeod's Daughters,

Chuck Finn, First Day, and features - Red Dog, Storm Boy and The Rescue.
In Queensland: TV series - The Sleepover Club and Ocean Girl four.    
As well as three winter seasons as multi media consultant with the Park Rangers at
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. 
Whilst in Sydney, Rod was the Director of Photography on the independent feature film,
"Ra Choi" which won him an ACS award in the Features category.
He is looking forward to the next
exciting production

Please head to the CV & IMDb links page for a comprehensive credits listing.

with Craig Barden ACS on Farscape, season 1
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