2nd Unit Director of Photography credits

"Storm Boy" 2017

Feature Film

Stormy Productions

Arri Alexa XT

Additional Unit D.P. & 

Camera Operator

D.P. Bruce Young ACS

Director: Shawn Seet


  "Sam Fox, Extreme Adventures" 

  TV series
  South Australian Film Corporation
  Sony SRW 9000
  2nd Unit Director of Photography
  D.P.: Aaron Gully
  Directors: Arnie Custo, Bill Hughes,
  Karl Zwicky   

  June - July 2013


  "BlackJack, 2006"
  Jigsaw Productions, 3 x Telemovies
  Arri SR 3, Super 16mm
  'B' Camera Operator / 
  2nd Unit Director of  Photography 
  D.P.: Henry Pierce ACS
  Directors: Kate Woods,          

  Peter Andrikidis
  2005 - 2006 

"McLeod's Daughters" 

Millennium Pictures, 

TV Series 1 ~ 4  Arri SR 3, Super 16mm  

2nd Unit Director of Photography /  Main Unit Camera Operator  

D.P.: Roger Dowling ACS 

Directors: various,

July 2001 ~ Dec. 2003



Village Roadshow,

Movie of the Week 

Arri III 35mm, Mitchell 35mm 

2nd Unit Director of Photography 

D.P.: David Connell ACS, 

Director: Walter Klenhard 

March 2001

  "Farscape", Series 1
  Henson Productions /
  Nine Film and Television 
  U.S. TV Series
  Panavision GII x 4
  2nd Unit Director of Photography /
  Camera Operator
  D.P.: Craig Barden ACS
  Directors: Peter Andrikidis, Tony Tilse,
  Ian Watson, Rowan Woods, 
  Pino Armeta, Andrew Prowse
  January 1999 - July 1999   

  "Murder Call", Series 2 
  Southern Star Productions
  Aaton Prods x 3, Super 16mm
  2nd Unit Director of Photography /
  Camera Operator 
  and 2nd Unit Director
  D.P.: Roger Dowling ACS
  Directors: various
  July 1998 - October 1998

2nd Unit Director credits

"Murder Call", 2 - TV series

(second unit director - 11 episodes)

Done to Death (2000) (second unit director)

House of Spirits (2000) (second unit director)

Absent Friends (2000) (second unit director)

Still Life (2000) (second unit director)

Scent of Evil (2000) (second unit director)

Last Act (2000) (second unit director)

Paid in Full (2000) (second unit director)

Tongue Tied (1999) (second unit director)

Dead Offerings (1999) (second unit director)

Mix and Match (1998) (second unit director)
Bone Dead (1998) (second unit director)

Documentaries & Corporates 

  "Where the Buffalo Roamed"

  The History of Mudginberri 
  Buffalo Abattoir, 1945 - 1988.
  Feature Documentary, 60 mins.
  Bolton Films / Kakadu National
  Park Production 
  Director, Producer, Editor,
  Camera and Audio 
  2009 - 2011

  "Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man"
  "Came So Far For Beauty" concert,
  Sydney Opera House, 2005 
  US Feature Doco
  Camera Operator
  D.P. Geoff Hall ACS
  Director: Lian Lunson

"On Track to a Job in Kakadu National Park", Promotional / Educational Corporate Video. 30 mins.
Bolton Films / Kakadu National Park Prod.

Director, Producer, Editor, Camera & Audio.
November 2009
Shown at the United Nations Educational
Scientific Cultural Organisation Conference,
 (UNESCO), Tahiti, Nov. 2009

"The Naked Zombie Ball"  

 Instructional Video by  ’International Unusualist’,
 Raymond Crowe

 Crowe Feats Productions
 Director of Photography / Camera  Operator
 Director: Doug Tremlett
 July 2007