Docos and Corporates

"Where the Buffalo Roamed" 

The History of Mudginberri Buffalo Abattoir, 1945 - 1988 

Feature Documentary, 60 mins. 

Bolton Films / Kakadu National  Park Production,

Director, Producer, Editor,  Camera and Audio  



  "Leonard Cohen, I’m Your Man- 
  Came So Far For Beauty" tribute concert,
  Sydney Opera House, 2005 
  US Feature Doco
  Camera Operator
  D.P. Geoff Hall ACS
  Director: Lian Lunson

  "On Track to a Job in Kakadu National Park"
  Promotional / Educational Corporate Video 
  30 mins.
  Bolton Films / Kakadu National Park Prod.  

  Director, Producer, Editor, Camera, and  

  November 2009
  Shown at the United Nations Educational
   Scientific Cultural  Organisation Conference,
   (UNESCO), Tahiti, Nov. 2009

   "The Naked Zombie Ball"  

   Instructional Video by International 

   Unusualist’/ magician, Raymond Crowe

   Crowe Feats Productions

   Director of Photography / Camera Operator
   Director: Doug Tremlett
   July 2007

Other notable clients include: 


"Sounds Like a Story" - Fringe Festival show 2015

HYLC - Adelaide Royal Hospital

RiverSmart Australia

Nick Tweedy - Mentalist

Fritz Sandwich, The Clown 

Salisbury North Football Club

Chateau De Claribes, Bordeaux region, France

SoundPond - Sennheiser