Director of Photography credits

Feature Films 

  "Ra Choi"

  Makovision Productions

  Panasonic DVX 100 

  Director of Photography &

  Camera Operator 

  Director: Michael Frank



  Australian Cinematographers

  Society Award, 2006 

  N.S.W. Branch,

  Feature Films Category 

   "Maslin Beach"

   Australian International Pictures

   Director of Photography /

   Camera Operator

   Aaton XTR, Super 16mm

   Director: Wayne Groom

   March 1996

TV and Cinema Commercials 

"Mortein; Louie the Fly" ;

'Home' and 'Dustbin'  TVCs    


Mitchell 35mm (Motion Control)     Director of Photography    

Director: Michael Cusack    



Australian Cinematographers             Society Award 2001

e ThirtyThree Cider, "Windows"   

Great Southern Films, Sydney;     

Young and Rubicam   

Cinema / TV Commercial   

Arri III, 35mm, Black and White    

Director of Photography / Camera Operator   

April 1995      

Winner: Exhibition Award;                 

1995 Art Directors Awards, S.A.  

Short Films

  "Never Forgiven"

  Blue Velvet Productions

  Arri Alexa

  Director of Photography / Camera    


  Director: Steven Spiel

  May 2015

  "A Good Game" 
  Nix Pix Productions
  Aaton, 16mm
  Director of Photography /
  Camera Operator
  Director: Nicola Mill
  October 1995
  Winner: Australian Cinematographers
  Society Award, 1997

  "Domestic Vibrations"

  Lovely Lovely Productions
  Bolex, 16mm
  Director of Photography /
  Camera Operator
  Director: Colin Reck
  August 1993
  Winner: Australian Cinematographers
  Society Awards x 2, 1993